Chairman's Message

Greetings and Welcome to the Institution !

I am very much delighted to put my words for you. Shri. Gulabrao Deokar College of Pharmacy, Jalgaon is committed to bring about social empowerment through the different shades of education. I strongly strive to provide a solid foundation basic to the students to achieve high academic excellence, research and entrepreneurship.

Pharmacy as a profession enjoys an unrestricted position amongst the other professional courses of the higher education system in India. The health care sector has witnessed rapid development in recent years. Hence the opportunities are immense for pharmacy graduates.  The pharmacist plays an important role in the healthcare system from invention of the new molecule upto dispensing of medication to the patients.

I truly appreciate the excellence, the progress of the institution; still much more is there to achieve in the education to satisfy our mission. I truly hope we all at our institution work together to give more competent shades of education.

(Ex-State Minister, Agriculture & Transport, M.S.)


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